SoundTrap Song

5th Grade Promotion

On June 7, 2019 us 5th grades are going to be doing promotion. Honestly I feel nervous because anything could go wrong, someone could forget to turn to face the flag or they could be talking to much and the teachers could tell them to be quiet. I don’t know, maybe I’m thinking of it too much.

California Science Center Field Trip

Yesterday June 4, 2019 our class went to the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California. My favorite part of the field trip was the IMAX movie because it was 3D. Also my favorite thing in the Museum was the Rocky Shore. In the IMAX movie I learned that about different space shuttles the Endvour, Atlantis, and the Rion (still being built). I liked that the movie threw a lollipop at us and everyone tried to grab it. I also bought a shark grabber, and a long tube full of candy powder.


I                                             HAD                                             FUN

Maritime Museum Field Trip

Yesterday our class went to the Channel Islands Maritime Museum and we also got on a boat called the Pacific Islander. The date was Thursday, May 23, 2019. First we went into the Maritime Museum and we learned about the sea, boats, and china. On the boat we got to touch sea creatures and got to do activities like learning about plankton. After we got off the boat we saw a sea lion on the rocks. We learned about animals that have spiny skin and we got to touch a star fish. Also did you know that if you cut a star fish’s arm off it will grow back!